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Hotel Accidents


We have unrivalled experience in acting for clients who have been injured in accidents in hotels abroad.

We have been involved with hundreds of successful hotel accident claims over the years recovering millions of pounds in compensation for our clients.

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Basis of a Hotel Accident Claim

Package Holidays

The Package Travel, Package Tours and Package Holidays Regulations 1992 may apply to your claim if your cruise or carriage by sea or inland waterway was included in your package and you did not enter into a separate contract of carriage. The regulations make a tour operator or other holiday provider or organiser responsible for all services which are provided as part of a package holiday including this carriage.

Other types of holiday

Not all holidays are package holidays. For instance, you may have booked your hotel and flight separately.  Further, your accident may have occurred during an excursion booked in resort which was not included in your pre-booked package. In such cases, you may still have a claim against the hotel or excursion provider.

Where you can bring your claim

The Package Travel Regulations may allow you to bring your claim against your tour operator in the U.K. Where there is the option to bring a claim in the U.K., it is often advisable to do so because levels of damages awards are often higher than in other jurisdictions and legal costs are normally paid if you win your claim.

Even if you did not purchase a package holiday, you may still have a claim in the country where your accident occurred. We have specialists in the laws of many countries who will be able to advise you further.

Time limit

NOTE!! - If you were on a package holiday and you are able to bring a claim under the Package Travel Regulations , you must normally bring your claim within 3 years of the date of the accident. If you were not on a package holiday, and wish to bring a claim in the country where your accident occurred, then time limits do vary from country to country and from state to state and are sometimes as short as 12 months from the date of the accident. It is therefore important that you  contact us as soon as possible for advice. Remember, we offer a FREE initial consultation.

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