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Road Traffic Accidents

Every year thousands of people are killed or injured in road traffic accidents abroad, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and motorcyclists. The causes of these accidents can range from excessive speed, inadequate road construction and maintenance through to failure to adhere to traffic rules and being under the influence of alcohol. 


We have unrivalled experience in acting for clients injured in road traffic accidents all around the world. We have successfully recovered compensation for thousands of clients of car accidents abroad, winning record damages to compensate many of them.

Irwin Mitchell "has extensive expertise in respect of the international transport conventions". Clive Garner has "a fantastic legal brain". - Legal 500 (2016)

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Basis of claim

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident overseas, whether as a driver, a passenger, as a pedestrian, motorcyclist or cyclist, then you may be able to claim compensation. In most cases, to claim compensation, a driver’s fault must be proved. However, in some countries, such as France passengers, pedestrians and cyclists have an automatic right to claim damages for their injuries, even if nobody is at fault.

We have an excellent record of winning claims for our clients. We will investigate your case and act for you throughout the claims process. As well as having experienced foreign lawyers in England to help you, we will also work with our overseas agents.

Whether you have suffered a severe injury or something less serious, we will investigate all aspects of your claim to ensure that your compensation is maximised.

Where you can bring your claim

Although you may have been injured in a road traffic accident abroad, in many cases, it is possible to bring a claim in your home country. Sometimes, you may have a choice of where to bring your claim. Where you bring your claim may determine issues including the level of damages that you recover, the laws relating to liability, costs and funding and a number of other matters which may make a significant difference to the overall outcome of your case. We will give you the best advice as to the available options, their pros and cons and we will ensure your claim is pursued in the best place for you.

Time limit

NOTE!! Time limits in which your claim can be brought vary throughout the world. It is therefore important that you contact us as soon as possible for advice. Remember, we offer a FREE initial consultation.

Coach Accidents

We have successfully acted for the victims of many coach accidents overseas. If you have been a passenger involved in a coach accident abroad, click here to find out more.

For other car accidents and other road traffic accidents abroad, please find out more here. 

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