"The team has so many contacts with foreign insurers and so many people with foreign languages that it is miles ahead of others."

Chambers and Partners (2014)

Frequently asked questions


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Can I claim compensation?

This depends on what happened to you. The information you provide, either on the online claim form or by talking to one of our advisors, will help us assess if you have a claim.

We offer an initial free consultation so that we can get all the information we need to decide if we can help you, with no cost to you.

Find out, contact us now.

Does it matter where I live?

Not at all. Our clients come from the North of Scotland to the South coast. We even have many clients who live abroad. We can keep in touch with you by telephone, email and letter. Our offices are in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Southampton and Manchester, so you should never feel too far away from us.

If you still have questions you would like answered, please contact us and an advisor will speak to you personally.

Please click the questions below to see the answers, or use the navigation on the left to sort by category.

How do I claim?

Sometimes claims need to be brought abroad, but often this will not be necessary as it may be possible to bring your claim in England (e.g. if you are bringing a claim against a tour operator or against an English Defendant).

How long will it take?
Each case is different. It depends on what happened, what injuries you have and how the Defendant responds to your claim. Your advisor will make sure that your claim is completed as quickly as possible. They will tell you what is happening at each stage and how long it may take.ach case is different and varies depending upon the circumstances and the country in which the claim is brought. However, we aim to conclude your case as quickly as possible while always seeking to maximise your compensation.
How much does a claim cost?
Our initial advice is free. Part of this advice will be to find the best way of funding the case for you. To find out more read "Funding your Claim" or speak to one of our advisors.
How much is my claim worth?
The compensation you recover depends on what happened to you. It is decided by the type of injuries you suffered and the treatment you required. It also depends on the way your injuries affected your daily life and the value of any financial losses or expenses you suffer. To value your case we need to gather evidence and information. Your advisor will explain what we need in your case and advise you on the value of your claim as soon as they can.
What are the time limits for a travel claim to be made?

We can often bring your claim in England. It depends on what sort of holiday you took, where the accident happened and who was to blame for it.

Where to bring your claim is one of the first things our advisors consider. In your free initial consultation your advisor will ask you questions so that they can decide and tell you what will be best in your case.

What are the time limits for making a claim?

Time limits vary depending on where you were when the accident happened. Different countries have different time limits. Different places can have special rules on time limits. Different time limits may also apply to accidents on planes and boats. It is important that you contact us as soon as you can after the accident happened. We can then make sure you are within the time limits for your particular claim. This is also one of the first things your advisor will find out and tell you about.

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