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Holiday Accident Claim

If you have been injured in an accident whilst overseas, talk to Holiday Claims, a service provided by Irwin Mitchell to see if you can make a holiday accident claim.

As one of the leading legal experts in the UK, the team can give you the best possible advice and representation for your holiday accident claim on a no win, no fee basis.

We can give you initial free, expert advice on any form of holiday accident claim and, where appropriate, bring your claim for compensation.

We have a dedicated team of solicitors who, thanks to their expert knowledge and experience of legal systems in foreign countries, have successfully fought claims for a range of accidents, illnesses and personal injuries.

There is no definitive list as to what claims we can take on because each case is different.  The more common forms of holiday accident claims handled by us include the following:

Road Accidents

 Unfortunately a large number of people are involved in some form of road accident whilst on holiday. Holiday Claims may be able to support your holiday accident claim if you were involved in a road traffic accident as a result of the negligence of a third party. This can include accidents in which you were the driver or passenger in a car, taxi, bus, coach motorcycle or bicycle. We may also be able to support your holiday accident claim if you were injured as a pedestrian.

Trips and Falls

You may be able to make a holiday accident claim for any slip, trip or fall which occurs in a public place whilst on holiday. This can include, among other places, your hotel, bars, restaurants, airports and onboard cruise liners.

Aviation and Boating Accidents

The journey is often thought of as part of your holiday and as a result, you expect the highest possible standards of safety to be maintained. If you have been injured whilst on board, embarking or disembarking an aircraft, boat or cruise liner, then you should talk to us about making a claim for compensation.

Sporting Accidents

Whilst most of us know that sporting activities carry an element of risk, injuries can occur as a result of somebody else’s fault. This could be due to poor maintenance of equipment, substandard facilities breaches of health and safety legislation. This applies to any form of sporting activities or facilities, including hotel sports facilities, beach activities or winter sports. If you have been injured in  a sporting accident abroad we may be able to support your holiday accident claim.

Can I make my holiday accident claim in the UK?

Even if you were involved in an accident in a foreign country, legislation now makes it possible to bring many holiday accident claims in the UK. It may be possible to secure a larger compensation payout by pursuing the claim in the UK.  

Our dedicated team of specialist solicitors who can advise you on the legislation and regulations surrounding your claim.

Is there a time limit on when I can make my claim?

In most cases, time limits apply as to when you can make a holiday accident claim and could be as little as a year since the date of the accident, so get in touch with us immediately for an initial free consultation.

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