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Holiday Accident Claims

Accidents do happen, but we just don’t expect them to happen whilst we’re enjoying our well earned holiday. If you have been involved in an accident while enjoying a holiday, we may be able to help you secure compensation.

At Holiday Claims, a service provided by Irwin Mitchell we have unrivalled experience in the management of holiday accident claims. Our team of specialist solicitors have secured compensation for thousands of clients who have been involved in accidents during their holidays. Our solicitors have specialist knowledge in the field and are also experts on foreign legal systems. They can advise you as to whether you can bring your claim in the UK or whether to claim in the country the accident took place in order to maximise your compensation payout.

What type of accidents can I claim for?

We can give you initial free advice on almost any injury that you have sustained as a result of an accident abroad. Our solicitors have dealt with thousands of holiday accident claims and therefore the types of claims vary widely. Every circumstance is different and we will always treat every case individually.  Although there are a wide variety of accidents that can be claimed for, we have compiled the most common accidents to occur abroad for your reference:

Road Accidents

Road accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence abroad.  Accidents can be a result of speeding, inadequate road conditions, poor driving as a result of the influence of alcohol or drugs, poorly maintained vehicles and many other issues. As there are so many variables, road accidents are common abroad. If you have sustained an injury as a result of a road accident which was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim with the support of our services.

Trips and Falls

Holiday accident claims are often made when someone sustains an injury following a trip or fall whilst on holiday. A trip or fall that happens as a result of a poorly maintained surface or slippery surface without warnings are indicative of third party negligence and may entitle you to claim compensation.

Aviation and Boating Accidents

If your chosen method of transportation to your holiday destination falls short of the standards you would expect and causes you to suffer an accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you sustain an injury from embarking or disembarking an aircraft or sea vessel as a result of poorly maintained equipment such as stairs or a wheelchair ramp, the airline may be liable to pay for any damages. If you are injured on embarkation on your trip, it can often mean that your holiday is ruined from the outset as you struggle through the rest of your holiday with an injury.

Sporting Accidents

More and more people are going on sport-related holidays. Despite some of these sporting activities having a certain degree of risk attached, there is no excuse for inadequate equipment or machinery. If health and safety procedures are not adequately followed and you sustain an injury as a result of a sporting accident, We can assist you with your claim. We can support any type of sporting accident claim including watersports, skiing accidents and more extreme, adventure sports.

Can I bring my claim in the U.K?

If your accident took place abroad you may be able to bring your claim in the UK. It may also be possible to make a holiday accident claim in the country where the accident took place. Our skilled team of specialist lawyers have expert knowledge in foreign legal practice and can advise the best way to maximise your potential compensation payout.  There may however be a time limit on when you can make your claim, so get in touch with us immediately for a initial free consultation.

If you have sustained an injury or loss as a result of an accident that occurred on holiday in the U.K. or abroad, our team of professionals can offer initial free expert advice to support any holiday accident claims.

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