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No Win No Fee Agreements

A ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement (also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA) gives you safety and peace of mind when making a personal injury claim.

We’ll assess the prospects of winning your case, review all the funding options available to you and decide whether a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement is the best option for you. If we can offer you a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement for your case and you decide to accept that offer, you can rest assured that there’s no financial risk to you if you’re unsuccessful*. 

If you win your claim, your opponent will pay the majority of your basic legal costs and disbursements (e.g. court fees, medical reports). Any legal costs not paid by your opponent will be deducted from the compensation awarded to you if you win. You won’t pay anything until your claim has successfully finished, and any disbursements that we can’t recover from your opponent will be covered by the after-the-event insurance which is entered into alongside the ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.

Please note: Insurance Premiums do not apply to cases where there is no personal injury or illness (e.g. cases comprising loss of enjoyment or diminution in value of the holiday). 

* Subject to entering into a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement in conjunction with our Allianz Litigate insurance policy and complying with your responsibilities under its terms.

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