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Helicopter Hanger Hell

We have been instructed to act on behalf of a client who sustained a serious back injury whilst working at a poorly maintained helicopter hanger in India in February 2009.

Our client was fulfilling his duties of employment at a helicopter hanger in Willingdon Island, Cochin, India. After using the office bathroom he discovered that there was no water available to flush the toilet, as was the case on many previous occasions. He collected a bucket provided for the purpose of flushing the toilet and filled it with approximately 2.5 gallons of water from the wall tap located at the opposite end of the office complex.

The facilities at the hanger were notoriously poor and we understand that a risk assessment conducted in October 2006 exposed the risks of an injury occurring because of the wet and flooded services and the poor functioning of the toilets. It was also noted that there were no non-slip surfaces and no hot water supply. Risks of contracting Legionella, Malaria and Rabies were also highlighted. The risk assessment conducted by our client’s employer recommended that a non slip coating be applied to the floor. Despite these recommendations and the hazards being highlighted, the required action had not been taken causing the floor to remain flooded.

While carrying the bucket and making his way back to the office bathroom, our client slipped on the flooded passageway, momentarily losing his footing. The slip, whilst carrying the heavy bucket of water, caused him to severely jar his back.

Our client was later admitted by ambulance to the Lakeshore Hospital in Cochin, India. He was treated with anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxants, physiotherapy and pain relief injections. An MRI scan revealed an intervertebral disc prolapse to the lower back. It was later decided that surgery would be required which subsequently took place in the Cromwell Hospital in London.

Almost three years later, our client continues to experience problems with his back. He suffers from limited movement in his back, he is unable to bend normally, he is unable to lift heavy objects, he experiences discomfort when sitting or standing for long periods of time and suffers from regular sciatica and cramps in his right leg and behind his right knee.

A claim is being brought against his employer, AgustaWestland Limited.

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