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Arcadia Cruise

Irwin Mitchell has been contacted by a British holidaymaker who is seriously  ill in hospital in Cape Town in South Africa. The British holidaymaker is suspected to be suffering from Legionnaires Disease following a round the world cruise which he joined at the beginning of April 2012 on the Arcadia Cruise Ship operated by P&O.  

He sought medical treatment from the on board doctor after developing a cough. He was advised that the ship’s doctor had run out of medication and was diagnosed with pneumonia and the decision was taken to admit him to hospital.  

A number of other holidaymakers on board the vessel were thought to be suffering similar symptoms as holidaymakers were seen queuing to be examined by the medical staff on board. 

It is possible that the illnesses experienced by holidaymakers were due to a breakdown in hygiene procedures on board the vessel, as well as a failure to prevent the spread of illness amongst holidaymakers.

Irwin Mitchell’s Travel Litigation Team  has acted for numerous families of those tragically killed or made seriously illness after contracting Legionnaires’ disease whilst on holiday.

Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia and is one of a group of similar diseases collectively known as legionellosis. The other forms include Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead Fever which have similar symptoms but are not as serious as Legionnaires' disease. The symptoms of Legionnaires' disease are similar to those of flu and include high temperature, fever and chills; coughing; muscle pains; and headaches as well as pneumonia, and in some cases, diarrhoea and mental confusion.

Even the smallest amount of the bacteria in hotel water systems or air conditioning units can cause infection and serious respiratory illness, and can have fatal consequences. There are clear protocols to be followed to eliminate the risk of Legionella infection  including basic steps like ensuring water is stored within an appropriate temperature range, ensuring water supplies are regularly tested for Legionella contamination and regular chlorination and cleaning of water tanks, pipes, taps and showers.

If you have suffered from similar symptoms following a cruise on board the Arcadia, Irwin Mitchell would like to hear from you as you may be able to claim for the pain and suffering caused by the illness that you sustained.

For more advice on making an illness claim, contact Irwin Mitchell on 0800 056 0066 or complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.

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