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Sunset Beach Resort, 2015

Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team is concerned to learn of reports of guests becoming ill with gastric symptoms after staying at the Sunset Beach Resort in Jamaica this year.

Despite some positive reviews, guests have reported that the food at the hotel was low quality and unappealing. Other holidaymakers have raised health and safety issues, claiming that “tables were disgustingly filthy around the edges” and “steps into the pool were damaged with broken tiles, rough concrete and sharp edges.”

One guest reported that they contracted salmonella and typhoid fever during their stay at the resort. This visitor expressed that they only ate food at the hotel and said that they were diagnosed with the illnesses after their return to the UK.

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection that can spread quickly and affect a number of organs. It is caused by a type of salmonella and if not treated, typhoid can be fatal.

If you have also travelled to the Sunset Beach Resort in Jamaica and subsequently suffered from symptoms of illness, we would like to hear from you.

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