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Edgewater Resort and Water Park, USA

The specialist International Travel Litigation team here at Irwin Mitchell are concerned to read reports of a Cryptosporidium outbreak at the Edgewater Resort and Water Park in America during March 2012.

It has been reported that at present there have been nearly 100 cases of Cryptosporidium at the Edgewater Resort and Water Park, but public health investigators fear there will be many more as, in some cases, it can take up to two weeks after ingesting contaminated water before any symptoms of illness are experienced.

Cryptosporidium is a gastrointestinal illness which is usually expelled through faeces, which contaminate swimming and drinking waters. Symptoms of Cryptosporidium include, but are not limited to, diarrhoea, loose or watery stools, stomach cramps, upset stomachs and fevers.

The outbreak of Cryptosporidium raises major concerns over the safety and hygiene standards at the resort.

Irwin Mitchell has previously acted on behalf of hundreds of clients who contracted Cryptosporidium at the San Baulo Hotel in Majorca and obtained a landmark judgement. Many of the claimants required medical treatment and suffered from long-term illnesses.

If you also travelled to this Hotel and suffered from gastric illness or if you have suffered from Cryptosporidium on holiday, Irwin Mitchell would like to hear from you as you may be able to claim for your ruined holiday and the pain and suffering caused by the illness that you sustained.

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