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Reef Oasis Beach Resort, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Irwin Mitchell is concerned for holidaymakers after we have received further reports of gastric illness amongst holidaymakers who are returning from the Reef Oasis Beach Resort in Egypt.

Reports suggest that holidaymakers have become ill with suspected food poisoning, possibly as a result of poor food hygiene standards and issues with the quality of food consumed at the hotel. Reports also suggest that the food was unvaried and was not kept at the correct temperatures. One report has suggested that over 50% of the guests were ill and that they feel the cause of illness may be due to undercooked food, particularly the chicken. A recent report states how food handlers were seen handling raw chicken and cooked chicken without washing their hands in between. Holidaymakers are returning from the hotel suffering from profuse diarrhoea, stomach cramps and nausea.

More recently, reports have suggested that holidaymakers returning from the resort have been identified to be suffering from salmonella and giardia, both of which are serious bacterial infections that can cause severe gastric symptoms. In some cases, contracting such infections can result in symptoms becoming permanent.

Irwin Mitchell is particularly interested to hear from guests who have suffered from illness after staying at this hotel as we have acted on behalf of holidaymakers who also suffered from symptoms of illness after visiting the hotel in 2008 and 2009. For example in 2009, our clients have had confirmed salmonella pathology results upon return to the United Kingdom and continue to suffer with symptoms associated with the illness.

If you also travelled to this hotel and suffered from gastric illness, Irwin Mitchell would like to hear from you as you may be able to claim compensation for your ruined holiday, and also the pain and suffering caused by the illness that you sustained.

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