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Chambers and Partners (2014)

Illness Outbreaks at Kuredu Island Hotel, Maldives

Mr Rhys James Kirk and Mrs Lucy Kirk, went to the Kuredu Island Resort in the Maldives for their honeymoon for two weeks. It was meant to be a dream holiday which they had spent a lot of time researching and planning.

Mr Kirk fell ill towards the end of the first week of his honeymoon. He experienced symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps and nausea.  His symptoms were so severe that he had to seek medical advice whilst in the Maldives.

Mr Kirk's symptoms did not settle until 2 weeks after his return home and he has continued to experience intermittent symptoms ever since. The Defendant admitted liability for Mr and Mrs Kirk’s gastric illness.

A claim by Irwin Mitchell was brought against the Tour Operator on behalf of Mr & Mrs Kirk. Mr Kirk recovered almost £13,000.00 and Mrs Kirk over £2,500.00 in compensation.

Mr & Mrs Kirk commented after the case, "Our honeymoon was a complete disaster and it is one that we will never forget for all the wrong reasons. We are pleased with the help we received from the team at Irwin Mitchell and we are grateful for the hard work they put in to our case to ensure we received justice and compensation for our disastrous honeymoon."

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"We were very happy with the outcome of our case, especially as we were initially offered nothing from the Tour Operator. Irwin Mitchell were very professional throughout and we are very happy with the outcome."

Chris and Michael, Worksop