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Gastric Illness on RA 11 Cruise

A British lady was affected by diarrhoea and sickness whilst on a Nile Cruise with Thomson Holidays in Egypt. Her symptoms were so severe that despite being terrified of needles she agreed to have an injection to ease her symptoms.

She describes the buffet on board the cruise ship as being served lukewarm and she had a number of concerns about the quality of the food which was being served; a lot of it was covered in sauces making it hard to identify what she was eating. She was served omelettes at breakfast time which were runny. She describes how other holidaymakers on board the vessel were becoming ill and when they went to see the staff on board the ship they were given white tablets to take.

Her holiday was spoilt by the illness and she was staying in a hotel for about a week after the cruise she was unable to go out and see many of the sights of Egypt as she had planned.

Four years later she still has to be careful about she eats and finds that things like spicy food can cause her to suffer from diarrhoea. After seeking treatment from her doctor she has been told that the illness has caused the irritable bowel she had suffered from some years prior to the cruise, to reoccur and she has been advised that the effects may be with her for the rest of her life.

The Tour Operator denied liability for the illness suffered and about a week before the Trial of her claim an out of court settlement was reached  which meant that she recovered over £7000 in damages.

4 holidaymakers from Scotland who travelled on the same cruise ship in July 2004 also experienced illness and at least one was diagnosed as suffering from Salmonella when she returned to the UK. With the assistance of Irwin Mitchell they recovered over £25,000 in compensation.

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